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Treasurer Information

The treasurer is a committee member of CEF Riverside – faith based ministry to children. The committee meets every 2nd Monday of the month: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Time Commitment

Monthly estimated time commitment: 12-15 hours

Job Description

The treasurer keeps records of all donations and provides tax-deductible receipts to donors. The treasurer pays the chapter’s bills and records all incoming and outgoing funds in QuickBooks. At the end of the month the treasurer reconciles the bank statement and creates a financial report to present to the committee at the monthly meeting. Ideally, the treasurer teams with a bookkeeper who assists with deposits and recordkeeping.


-Pick up mail (Staff can pick-up mail from P.O. Box if needed and bring to office or deliver to treasure)

-Create donation list & amp; take copies of checks

-Deposit at bank

End of Month:

-Pick up mail

-Transfer PayPal donations

-Create donation list & amp; take copies of checks

-Deposit at bank

-Pay bills

-Enter donations in QuickBooks

-Enter bill payments in QuickBooks

-Enter payroll in QuickBooks

-Enter invoices and invoice payments in QuickBooks

-Send monthly donation receipts

-Reconcile bank statement

-Send giving reports to staff

-Create monthly financial statement

-Attend committee meeting & amp; present report


-Pay sales & amp; use tax




End of Year Financial Report

-R-17 End of Year Accountability Form

-Annual giving statements

Contact Dan Dunkerley – CEF Missionary Director of Greater Riverside
(714) 423-1385 –

Esther Dautrich – Treasurer:

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