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coronavirus updates

CEF Riverside is taking the coronavirus outbreak very seriously and we would like to do everything possible to keep children, parents, volunteers and everybody else around us healthy and safe. 

This page will be dedicated to providing updates on the current status of clubs, events and other CEF Riverside related activities like the banquet planned for April 18th.


We are also going to be posting information on what you can do to keep your family healthy and to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the virus in Riverside County.


Keep CEF Riverside in your prayers as we come up with new creative ways to reach children with the word of God while they are out of school.



Daniel Hernandez

Committee Member

Good News Clubs updates:

All schools in the Greater Riverside areas are to be closed until April 30th.

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This means that we will not have a face-to-face Good News Club for the remainder of the semester.

However, this does not mean the end of Good News Clubs for CEF Greater Riverside. We are currently looking into doing online GNCs until the end of April. 

On the top of the website there will be a GNC Online button that parents can click on that will lead them to the Youtube Page that has CEF created content for children.

CEF RIverside Banquet Updates:

As of today, the CEF Banquet scheduled for April 18th has been postponed.

We do not have a new date for the banquet yet, but CEF Riverside is looking forward to hosting the banquet sometime later this year!

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