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Christian Youth in action®

"God used CYIA to Change my life! My experiences there made me more confident in my ability to reach Children for Jesus, and I learned how to be a leader at a young age"
- Hannah Bell 5th year CYIA'er 

What is CYIA?

Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) is a short-term, summer ministry dedicated to the training and development of committed Christians (ages 14 and up) who want to be equipped to reach children for Christ. By completing the eleven-day training program, you will be certified by Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. to teach children, witness to those you baby sit, and minister effectively to your neighbors, friends and relatives.

What is CYIA Like?


You will receive individual and group instruction from some of the most exciting, enthusiastic, and godly leaders of Child Evangelism Fellowship. These instructors will equip you to teach and counsel boys and girls to receive Christ.

what is the focus of the training?

Your training will be focused on preparing you to teach 5-Day Clubs ® . These are neighborhood Bible clubs for children held in backyards, one hour a day for five consecutive days during the summer. Our summer missionaries (YOU) teach exciting Bible lessons and true-to-life missionary stories. These clubs also include: contests, singing, sharing, memorizing verses, and more fun ways to share the Gospel.

What are the benefits of cyia?

As a result of summer mssionaries teaching God's Word:

  • Boys and Girls are reached with the Gospel of Christ.

  • Children's lives are changed.

  • Your skills will sharpen in the areas of communication, teamwork, endurance, responsibility, and self-confidence.

  • Your faith and vision will grow deeper.

  • You will build new friendships that can last a lifetime.

  • You will build experience for service in your own local church, school or vocation.


If you would like more information on how and where you can volunteer, contact us below!



Donating your time isn't the only way you can help in our ministries. For more information on how and what you can donate, click below!

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